Cute & Quirky products from Asia

Who’s a sucker for cute cosmetic packaging? *raises hand*
I don’t know about you, but, as the Italian saying goes “Anche l’occhio vuole la sua parte” (which means “Even eyes want their part of the deal” = looks are important), I personally think that a part from great quality, cosmetics have to also be pleasing to the eye. A cute packaging can have me sold in a second. I know, shallow. Haha. When it comes to cosmetic aesthetics, there is one part of the world that makes packaging one of the most important product features: Asia. Brands like Tony Moly, Etude, Skinfood, Ys Beauty, Ladykin, just to name a few, are the most famous kawaii (cute in Japanese) ones out there. I especially love Tony Moly! Anyway, I was browsing the other day and I thought I’d do a post about some of the funniest and weirdest products I found.

Chi di voi ha un debole per i cosmetici con packaging carino? *alza la mano*
Non so voi, ma, come dice il detto “Anche l’occhio vuole la sua parte”, personalmente penso che oltre a un’ottima qualità, i cosmetici dovrebbero essere anche un piacere per gli occhi. Un packaging carino mi influenzerebbe in un secondo. Lo so, molto superficiale da parte mia! Haha. Quando si parla dell’estetica dei prodotti, c’è un parte del mondo che fa dell’imballaggio una delle caratteristiche più importanti del prodotto: l’Asia. Marchi come Tony Moly, Etude, Skinfood, Ys Beauty, Ladykin, solo per nominarne alcuni, sono tra i più famosi brand kawaii (carino in giapponese) che ci sono. A me piace tantissimo Tony Moly! Comunque, tornando a noi, l’altro giorno spulciavo il sito  e ho pensato di fare un post su alcuni dei più carini e strani prodotti che ho trovato.

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Japanese Beauty Sample Starter Kit – £7.00 YS Beauty
Something you might want to consider if you’re curious about Asian cosmetics, but don’t want to go all out on it


Hydro White Illumination Cream – £10.00 LadyKin
I don’t know why, but a lot of Asian cosmetic brands are all about “whitening” skin.. what’s that all about?
Definitely amongst the weird products.


Black Charcoal Chin Pack –  £8.00 Etude House
Basically BLACK pore strips but with charcoal additives to “remove oil and deep pore sebum”.. nice.


Vanpir Dark Repair Cream – £10.00  LadyKin
Vanpir? Seriously? Anyway, I love the idea of a repair cream for Vampires.. look at those fangs!


Affinitic Real Snail Cream – £12.00  LadyKin
Yeah, don’t tell me.. I can’t even bring myself to think of the word escargot, let alone snail slime cream, but apparently their mucus (eww) is VERY hydrating. This one claims to be anti-wrinkle, lifting and firming, improves damaged skin and free from any chemicals nasties like parabens and such.


Egg White Pore Foam – £8.00  Skinfood
Yes, egg whites people! This product claims to “visibly diminish the appearance of enlarged pores and refine skin texture for noticeably smoother, softer and even-toned skin”. Think about that next time you’re having an omelette!


Biorè Pore Pack (Apple) – £8.00 Kao
How cute are these pore strips? Well, you can’t see them, but that little bear on the packaging is adorable! Plus they smell of apples! Told you I was a sucker for this kind of stuff. You were well warned!


Peach Sake Toner – £12.00 Skinfood
Sake is something one usually drinks, but this brand made it into something for your skin! It says that it tightens pores and slows down excess oil, whilst the peach extract is for a healthy glow.


Royal Honey Toner – £18.00 Skinfood
A bit more expensive than the one above, but this is something I was actually pondering about whether to buy or not. It’s a cocktail of Royal Black Honey (I didn’t even know there was such a thing!) from South America and Royal Jelly. It claims to gently wipe away any grime and leave skin super nourished. Yes, we like that.


Vanpir Dark Repair Youth Activator – £18.00 LadyKin

Another vampiresc product, but come on.. I’m sure there are plenty of goth ladies out there that would rather try this “ampoule” then the more mainstream “Advance Night Repair Serum” everyone is talking about! I know I would and so would Elena Gilbert.


Hello Kitty Rosehip Moisturizing Mask – £8.00 Sexy Look
And what kind of Asian products post would this be, without our trusty little Hello Kitty? It purifies, whitens and brightens!


Red Clay Egg Soap – £14.00 Holika Holika
Err.. yes, pretty self-explanatory. Kinda.


Put your hands up Face Waxing Patch £12.00 – Etude House
All the fuzzy ladies, all the fuzzy ladies.. These wax strips are specially formulated with aloe vera, green tea, and chamomile extracts to soothe and relax sensitive skin. If you don’t like then you should put a patch on it.


Hello Bunny Perfume Bar – £10.00 Tony Moly
This light blue one is the #05 Pompom Green Tea  one. But there are many more to choose from.. and each one is cuter the the other!


Panda Dream Eye make-up Eraser – £8.00 Tony Moly
A pocket-size eye makeup remover? In stick-form? With a cute little panda on the packaging? This is TOO MUCH.


Mini Berry Lip Balm SPF15 – £8.00
This little lip balm comes in the shape of a cherry.. MUST HAVE.

If you’ve liked this post, let me know what you think in the comments below and also let me know if you buy any cute packaged products.. I’d love to see/hear about new ones I don’t know about!

Se questo post vi è piaciuto, fatemi sapere che ne pensate nei commenti sotto e fatemi anche sapere se comprate qualche prodotto esteticamente carino.. Mi piacerebbe vedere/sapere le novità che non conosco!


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