Really cool TAG this one, I must say. Kerry from Kerry’s Habitat made it herself, SUCH FUN!
These are the RULES:

    • 4 places you’d love to visit
    • Why you want to visit them
    • Favourite thing about that place
    • Tag 4 fellow bloggers and add the badge to your blog if you like

Here is my pick:



Why: I am an avid manga reader and love watching anime. For me Japan is all about that drawing and animation culture. I would love to be able to visit this country and score all the weird and funny shops and especially eat SUSHI. I *lurve* sushi.

Favourite: I’d like to visit Tokyo obviously, just to immerse myself into the Harajuku area and take in all the crazy fashion trends. YIKES! 🙂 I’d also love to visit Akihabara, the mecca place for all otakus(= slang for people who love watching anime and read mangas) around the world.


images (1)

Why: well I keep reading on internet about how great this country is and things like “Is Canada for real?” since some of the things they do or have seem too good to be true. I checked some of these facts and apparantely they’re true! WOOHOO! Want to know what I’m talking about? Check it out people!

Favourite: I’d like to see the Niagara Falls in Ontario (apparantely their side is BETTER than the US’ one) and Churchill in Manitoba, where you can see Northern Lights and year-round sightings of whales and polar bears!

3. Australia

images (2)

Why: Australia is on the other side of the world. It is 8 hours ahead of Italy, so basically it’s already morning! The shores, the coasts,.. Everything about Australia screams “Chill out, let’s have a bbq and wait for Christmas on the beach”. Also, it’s the home of Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries, an Aussie series I am FEVERISHLY in love with. This is my official cry to the producers out there: PLEASE START SERIES 3!

Favourite: the beaches. Any beach. Any coast. Just to be warm in winter, at the moment, is my major perk. I’d say the Great Barrier Reef, off Queensland’s coast.

4. New Zealand

images (3)

Why: well for starters, Lord Of The Rings was filmed there, thank you very much! ‘Nuff said. No, joking. But seriously, how cool would it be to visit the same places? ULTRA-MEGA-FANTASTIC.

Favourite: Obviously Matamata, where the original Hobbiton set is.. REAL HOBBIT HOUSES people! I’d love to go on a LOTR tour guide. If you’re a fan like myself, hop over to this awesome tour guide website.

Blogs I tag:

Je M’Appelle Stephani

Alice’s Pink Diary

Life With Miz Lulu

WellDressed Geek




  1. ciao jessica!!
    grazie mille per il tag è davvero interessante!
    adoro ma adoro super adoro (lol) il sushi anche io!!!! *___*
    e ho pure scoperto gli altri blog che hai taggato non li conoscevo!

  2. The Canadian Side is better! Maybe I am just a biased Canadian though lol. I recommend having a long trip in Canada. It is a big country and there is a lot too see. Other than the main places you mentioned, Canada has beauty from coast to coast, and while I have yet to go out East, I hear it is wonderful out there too.

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